Questions to Ask During Your Plastic Surgery Consultation

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Every plastic surgery journey begins long before your consultation. You will be gathering information from the Internet, from friends and maybe from your personal physician. You may make some phone calls to plastic surgeons’ offices to find out about pricing, scheduling an appointment, etc. All of this is good, but the most important piece to this puzzle is your personal consultation. During your consultation you will learn more about the plastic surgeon and you will see if you can communicate well with her. You will also find out what options there are to deal with your issue. If surgery is suggested, you will get all the details regarding the procedure itself, as well as the preoperative preparation, the postoperative recovery, and what results you might expect.

Leading Sacramento plastic surgeon and past president of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) Dr. Debra Johnson encourages you to “do your homework” to find the best plastic surgeon for you.

Important Questions to Ask Your Plastic Surgeon:

  • Are you certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery?
  • What medical school did you attend?
  • Where did you complete your residency training?
  • Have you completed any fellowships/advanced training in your field?
  • Do you belong to any professional organizations (e.g., ASPS)?
  • Are you licensed to practice medicine in the state?
  • Do you have hospital privileges? If so, where?
  • Is your surgical facility accredited by a nationally- or state-recognized accrediting agency?
  • Is your surgical facility state-licensed or Medicare-certified?
  • How long have you been practicing?

Familiarize Yourself with Your Procedure

  • Am I a suitable candidate for this procedure? What are my alternatives?
  • How many of these procedures have you performed?
  • What is your success rate?
  • How is this procedure performed?
  • What are the risks associated with this procedure?
  • How do you handle complications?
  • What type of anesthesia will be used? Who will administer the anesthesia?
  • How long will the procedure take?
  • Will I have to stay overnight?
  • How do I prepare for the procedure?
  • Do you have before-and-after photos?

Learn about the Recovery Process

  • What should I expect during my recovery?
  • How much time will I have to take off from work/school to recover?
  • Will I need to take any medications?
  • Are follow-up appointments required? How many?
  • When can I drive?
  • When can I resume exercise?
  • What do I do if I experience a complication?
  • Who do I contact after hours?
  • When will my final results become visible?
  • How long will my results last?
  • How do I prolong my results?
  • If I am unhappy with my results, what are my options?

Understand Your Cost and Financing Options

  • How much will my procedure cost?
  • Can medical insurance cover the cost of my procedure?
  • What financing options do you offer?
  • Are there any hidden costs that I should know about that are not included in the surgeon’s fee (e.g., lab work, post-op checkups, medications, compression garments)?

To discuss your surgical needs and goals with a trusted plastic surgeon in Sacramento, schedule a consultation with Dr. Johnson. Contact her office by calling (916) 929-1833 today.