How to Set Realistic Expectations for Your Plastic Surgery

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Plastic surgery in SacramentoHow satisfied you are with your plastic surgery results hinges on multiple factors, including your expectations of treatment. If you undergo a procedure believing it will provide a benefit that it cannot achieve, you are setting yourself up for disappointment.

Because plastic surgery requires an investment of your time and money, it is imperative that your expectations are reasonable and that you and your surgeon are in agreement about the planned results.

With more than 30 years of experience, top Sacramento plastic surgeon Debra J. Johnson MD is the perfect person to talk to about setting realistic expectations. In this post, she discusses what is and is not reasonable to expect from your plastic surgery.

Unrealistic Expectations

To look exactly like someone else

If you are seeking plastic surgery in an attempt to look like your favorite movie star or influencer, you are going to be disappointed. Your personal anatomy is unique. Although plastic surgery is a transformative experience, it cannot make you a clone of someone else.

To compensate for underlying issues

A well-performed plastic surgery procedure can improve aesthetic imperfections and give you a boost of confidence. But it cannot make up for serious underlying issues such as depression or anxiety. Believing that plastic surgery can change your entire life, including your relationships, professional success or popularity, is a red flag.

To achieve perfection

Today’s plastic surgery techniques and technology can accomplish incredible things. But perfection is never guaranteed. Instead of expecting to look perfect after your procedure, recalibrate your expectations and strive for improvement. The plastic surgeon will provide the best procedure possible, but then it is up to your body to heal and adapt to the surgical change. Your age, the quality of your skin, other medical issues you face and how you heal all factor into the quality of your result.

Communication Is Key

Open and honest communication with your plastic surgeon is the best way to properly set your expectations. Communication is a two-way street: your surgeon needs to know what you hope to achieve from surgery, and you need to hear whether your goals are possible.

Be sure you answer your surgeon’s questions openly and honestly and that you take their recommendations to heart. Do not hesitate to ask as many questions as needed to ensure the two of you are on the same page about your treatment plan.

Many patients look for before and after photos on a surgeon’s website. You must realize that surgeons only post good results, so the photos you see may not be indicative of what is possible in every patient. Ask your prospective surgeon what you can honestly expect, and take their answer to heart. Know that complications can sometimes occur that can affect your result. Make sure your chosen surgeon is someone whom you trust to do their best, and if something unexpected happens, they will be there for you and work to get you to the best result possible.

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