Benefits of Combining Plastic Surgery Procedures

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Cosmetic surgery in SacramentoTime is our most precious commodity. While that is a primary benefit of having certain procedures done simultaneously, there are other advantages. Top board-certified Sacramento plastic surgeon Dr. Debra J. Johnson explains how combining plastic surgery procedures has benefits beyond saving time.

Lower Anesthesia Risk

While anesthesia is generally safe, there is always a small risk. If you can minimize the number of times you receive anesthesia, any potential risk is lessened.

Saving Time

Plastic surgery requires recovery time. Expect bruising, swelling and discomfort while your body heals.

Depending on the procedure, that recuperation period can last for several weeks. Most people will have to take time off from work. Vigorous physical activity and heavy lifting must be curtailed for the first two weeks after surgery, and that includes picking up small children and pets. You may need to arrange for child or pet care, or someone to cook, clean and run errands. By combining procedures, you need only go through this recovery period once, rather than repeatedly.

You start saving time even before the surgery. Patients may need pre-op testing and doctor visits. Combining surgeries boils these needs down to the minimum.

Less Expense

Relatively few plastic surgery procedures are covered by insurance. By combining procedures, you can cut down on the expense of plastic surgery. You can also cut back on the amount of time you take off from work, and in turn save money.

Some of the costs you only need to pay for once include:

  • Operating room expenses
  • Anesthesia fees
  • Surgeon’s fees

The Full Package

When procedures are performed piecemeal, you see the results over time. When you combine procedures, once healing is complete you behold the full package. When procedures complement each other, such as a tummy tuck and breast augmentation, it makes sense to do them at the same time. See a total transformation and go out and enjoy life.


There are procedures that do not lend themselves to combination surgery. Patient mobility comes into play. Surgeons want their patients to have the ability to move as much as possible during recovery. Dr. Johnson limits surgery time to six hours for safety reasons, so whatever can be combined in a six-hour interval may work well.

Learn More About Combining Plastic Surgeries

For more information about combining plastic surgery and how it may benefit you, contact board-certified Sacramento plastic surgeon Dr. Debra J. Johnson and schedule a personal consultation. She will discuss your goals, provide an examination, let you know your options and answer all of your questions. Dr. Johnson looks forward to meeting you!