When Is the Right Time for Mommy Makeover?

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Mommy makeover options in SacramentoMommy makeover is the broad term for a group of customized body contouring surgeries that target changes to a woman’s body that occur following pregnancy. “Customized” is the key word, because every woman has her own set of needs and expectations, and relies on her plastic surgeon to achieve very specific results.

Beyond choosing the particular procedures, an important consideration for every patient is how soon after pregnancy mommy makeover should be performed. Sacramento plastic surgeon Dr. Debra Johnson discusses the optimal timing for mommy makeover surgery, to ensure the most successful and satisfying result.

Pregnancy Changes

Women can expect to gain 25 to 35 pounds when pregnant. Some of the added weight is fat that accumulates in the abdomen, hips, thighs, buttocks and breasts. As the stomach expands during the nine months of pregnancy, abdominal muscles stretch and may even separate. This loss of integrity in the abdominal wall can create a bulge that weight loss and exercise cannot eliminate.

Meanwhile, the skin gives way to accommodate the expanding uterus, breaking down collagen and creating stretch marks. After delivery, your body will begin to lose much of the weight you gained, but fat will often stubbornly linger in areas that were once fit and trim. The abdominal skin may not tighten up, leaving skin folds or irregular skin contour. Breastfeeding and post-partum weight loss may lead to deflation of the breasts, with nipple lowering, loss of cleavage, and inadequate volume.

Surgical Choices

Mommy makeover’s suite of surgical procedures includes liposuction to target specific areas of stubborn fat; abdominoplasty, or tummy tuck, to repair the abdominal wall and remove excess skin; breastlifting (mastopexy) to restore the natural profile and firmness to breasts; and breast implants to compensate for lost volume.

Timing Is Key

The first step in choosing one of these procedures is to allow your body time to bounce back after pregnancy. Dr. Johnson recommends waiting at least six months after childbirth to see how your body bounces back, and where you might need a surgical solution. This gives time for the skin, muscles and breasts to regain some of their normal size and shape.  

Women should also have stopped breastfeeding for six months, to assure the breasts have had adequate time to settle, and to reduce the risk of infection with surgery.

It is also recommended that women wait until after their final pregnancy before undergoing tummy tuck. Pregnancy can undo the results of an earlier tummy tuck or other mommy makeover procedure. With a new pregnancy, the muscles that were repaired may separate once again, and the abdominal skin can also loosen up again.

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