Treating Dynamic Facial Wrinkles

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Botulinum toxin in SacramentoFacial wrinkles consist of two primary types: dynamic and static. Treatment for the two types differs. Sacramento board-certified plastic surgeon Debra J. Johnson, M.D. explains why botulinum toxin is the preferred method of treating dynamic wrinkles. 

Dynamic Wrinkles

When used as an adjective, dynamic refers to “constant change or activity.” Dynamic wrinkles develop with facial movements. Over time, squinting causes crow’s feet. Smiling results in laugh lines. Raise your eyebrows frequently and forehead wrinkles become more noticeable. These are all dynamic wrinkle examples. 

Dynamic wrinkles take time to appear. In youth, dynamic wrinkles disappear as soon as the facial movement stops. Stop smiling — no laugh lines. Eventually, however, those laugh lines remain whether you are smiling or not. 

In contrast, static wrinkles result from loss of collagen from aging. Think of the vertical lines above the upper lip. Dermal fillers, laser treatment, skin peels, etc. can help reduce the appearance of static wrinkles.

Dynamic Wrinkle Treatment

Botulinum toxin is the treatment of choice for minimizing dynamic wrinkles. While there is always a slight risk of a negative reaction to Botox or Dysport, the minute amount injected into the wrinkle is usually very safe. Millions of people worldwide use botulinum toxin to keep dynamic wrinkles at bay and erase years from their face. Placement of Botox or Dysport is a quick office procedure.

How Botox/Dysport Works

When Botox or Dysport is injected into the muscle, it reduces the ability of the muscle to contract. Since the muscle is no longer able to contract, the dynamic wrinkle relaxes. Botox or Dysport can reduce wrinkle formation as the muscle is inactive and not pulling the skin.

The effects of Botox or Dysport last three to four months, and then the patient can undergo another treatment. With long-term use, the amount of time between Botox treatment lengthens.

Botox/Dysport Injections

Botox or Dysport injections are straightforward. The area to be treated is swabbed with alcohol and the medication is injected. It does involve several small injections with a tiny needle. That’s it. Depending on the extent of treatment, the entire procedure takes 5-15 minutes. 

Some mild swelling, tenderness to the touch, or bruising may take place after the injections. It may take several days before you notice any changes in the dynamic wrinkles in the treated area. 

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