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Brow Lift in Sacramento

One of the first areas you may notice the effects of aging is with the brow and forehead. Years of raising the eyebrows to create everyday expressions of surprise, doubt or other emotions can lead to deep-set forehead wrinkles or creases. With aging, the forehead skin loses its elasticity. As a result, the brows drop, sometimes so much that they hood the eyes and overshadow them.Brow & forehead lifts in Sacramento

Browlifts can treat sagging forehead skin and rejuvenate the upper face. With a browlift, I can help restore a vibrant and younger-looking appearance that looks natural and beautiful.

More about Brow Lift

Browlifting raises the position of the brow and tightens the forehead skin. This can help minimize the horizontal forehead wrinkles and creases, which can make individuals appear frustrated or concerned. Browlifting can also improve vertical “frown” lines.

Browlifting can be performed in conjunction with a blepharoplasty (eyelid lift). When the skin on the brow hangs low, it can contribute to the redundant skin on the eyelids. Simultaneously treating the brow and eyelids can lead to more rejuvenating results and can restore a clear line of sight.

As with all facial rejuvenation procedures, it is important to not overcorrect in order to avoid an overly pulled or tight appearance. I am meticulous in my approach to correcting the eyebrows and forehead, carefully evaluating their position and appearance in relation to the eyes and the other facial features. My goal is to create results that are pleasing, but not so tight that people suspect you had surgery.

Incision Techniques

There are two main incision techniques used for brow lift. Endoscopic brow lift involves creating five small incisions within the hairline and inserting a surgical probe called an endoscope through one of these incisions. The endoscope has a tiny camera attached to it, which guides the surgeon. The endoscopic approach is preferred by many plastic surgeons and patients because it offers less scarring than a traditional “open” brow lift (coronal brow lift) and does not involve any loss of hair. Traditional brow lift involves an incision within the hair from top of the ear on one side to the other. A strip of hair-bearing skin is removed to elevate the forehead and brows.

Patients in need of a lesser degree of correction may be candidates for the temporal brow lift technique, which focuses on lifting and reshaping only the outer part of the brow. The incisions are placed within the scalp, at the temples of the forehead.

Brow Lift Recovery Details

You may experience swelling, bruising and soreness for a few days after surgery. This discomfort can be minimized with post-op prescription medication. Sutures are removed typically ten days after surgery. Much of the swelling dissipates after two weeks, and most patients are able to return to their normal activities at this time. The results of your brow lift will improve over time, with the final results becoming visible two to three months after surgery.

Brow lift FAQs

Will brow lift erase all signs of aging?

Brow lift targets sagging brows and forehead wrinkles, smoothing out lines and eliminating the tired or even angry look that sagging skin may have produced. Brow lift will improve the appearance of crow’s feet, frown lines and deep lines on the forehead, but not completely erase them.

With your brow newly elevated and the skin tightened, you will find yourself raising your brows less often, which is what causes forehead lines. If “hooding” of your upper eyelids was caused by loose skin in this area, brow lift will also improve the appearance of skin around the eyes.

Brow lift is not permanent, but you should expect to enjoy your relaxed and refreshed appearance for many years. The procedure is ideal at turning back the clock, but it will not eliminate every line or imperfection.

Will I need dermal fillers or Botox to maintain my new look?

Some patients continue to use Botox or dermal fillers to further soften lines, but many find brow lift has given them a youthful, revitalized look that is more natural than that achieved with routine injections.

Is brow lift the same as blepharoplasty?

Blepharoplasty, or eye lift, is a procedure that targets drooping eyelids by removing excess skin, fat and sometimes muscle between the eyebrow and eyelash, but does not change the position of the eyebrow. If you are satisfied with the shape and placement of your brow, but have loose skin below the brow, an eye lift may be all you need. Brow lift is recommended when your brow is within the eye socket, has lost its natural shape, or you have a pocket of fat or loose skin that involves more than just the upper eyelid.

Will I have scarring?

During an endoscopic brow lift procedure, three to five incisions are made beyond your hairline. These half-inch incisions will heal as scar tissue, and hair will not regrow in this type of scar. If your hair is thin, experienced Sacramento plastic surgeon Dr. Debra Johnson can often place incisions farther from the hairline so that these small patches are not noticeable.

Can I avoid a “pulled” or startled look?

In cases where brow lift gives the patient a surprised or startled look, the cause is usually an extreme elevation of the brow, or a surgeon’s lack of attention to symmetry in the brow area. If the inner brow is raised more than the outer brow, the look will be unnatural.

The key to attaining the precise elevation and symmetry of the brow is the skill, artistry and judgment of your plastic surgeon. Always look for a surgeon who has performed a procedure many times, and keeps abreast of the latest techniques and medical best practices. An experienced plastic surgeon will take a comprehensive approach; not simply stretching the skin, but also paying attention to the muscles and ligaments under the skin, and how each surgical change affects overall balance and proportion.

To learn more about browlifting and whether it can help you restore a refreshed and well-rested appearance, please call (916) 929-1833 for a consultation with Dr. Debra Johnson today.

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