Everything You Need to Know About Brow Lift

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Brow Lift in Sacramento

Loose skin and deep lines and wrinkles come for everyone despite proper skincare, wearing sunscreen and other preventive measures. These signs of aging settle in earlier for some men and women, making them appear older than they are and looking tired, angry or sad. Dr. Debra Johnson will customize your brow lift to create natural-looking results that shave years off your face.

Everyday facial expressions and stress can exacerbate lines and wrinkles in the forehead and between the brows. That sagging skin tissue can even interfere with your vision if the brow droops and creates a hooded eyelid. A brow lift won’t erase these concerns but will eliminate the sagging skin, smoothen lines and wrinkles and restore a refreshed, youthful appearance.

Anyone considering this facial plastic surgery should understand the ins and outs, which Dr. Johnson will discuss during your consultation at our Sacramento office. These include:

What Does a Brow Lift Do?

This face procedure elevates the brow position and tightens the forehead skin to reduce horizontal forehead lines and creases, eliminating the signs of aging that make you appear frustrated, tired or sad. A brow lift smooths vertical frown lines between the brows and improves crow’s feet.

Brow Lift Techniques

Our board-certified plastic surgeon employs various techniques for the brow lift. The “open” brow lift is the traditional technique, which makes an incision in the hairline that stretches from the top of one ear to the other, and a strip of skin is removed to raise the brows. If you have minimal brow drooping, the temporal brow lift can lift and contour the outer brow with scalp incisions at your temples for fewer scars and less skin removal.

The anterior hairline browlift hides the surgical incision just at the edge of the hairline. This method only removes forehead skin and is good for patients with a high forehead. The scar may be visible initially but will fade over time and is easily concealed by bangs. The lateral brow lift can achieve “foxy eyes” where the lateral brow and corner of the eye are raised, while a “direct” browlift is often ideal for men who are balding. The direct browlift removes an ellipse of skin above the eyebrow for a superior position without altering the hairline.

Combining Facial Plastic Surgeries

The brow lift complements other procedures and is often combined with eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) to rejuvenate the eye and brow area. Dr. Johnson takes great care to provide natural results without appearing too tight or overly pulled back. She considers your entire face when planning your brow lift to make sure you achieve a younger look that balances with your facial features.

Botox and dermal fillers are another nonsurgical addition to your anti-aging goals. These injectables revitalize your appearance even more by softening lines and wrinkles and restoring volume.

Brow Lift Recovery

You can expect to have some soreness, bruising and swelling for several days after your brow lift. Dr. Johnson will likely prescribe medication to help you with the discomfort. Sutures are removed about 10 days after your procedure. Swelling goes down significantly around the two-week mark, and you can resume normal activities at this time too.

Your full results should be visible in two to three months. A brow lift does not offer permanent solutions to a sagging brow and deep lines and wrinkles, but many patients enjoy their results for years to come.

Are You a Candidate for Brow Lift?

To qualify for a brow lift, you should have moderate to severe skin drooping or sagging in your forehead and brow area and be in good overall health. A positive outlook and realistic expectations will help you achieve the best outcome. You should be a non-smoker for any surgical procedure.

If you are interested in a brow lift, contact Dr. Debra Johnson in Sacramento today to schedule your consultation.