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Transgender Breast Surgery Sacramento

Transgender patients may require breast augmentation or mastectomy, depending on their sexual identity. I have welcomed transgender patients in my practice, and am happy to help you achieve the outward appearance that reflects your inner sensibility.

Male-To-Female Breast Augmentation

Male-to-female or MTF transgender breast augmentation in Sacramento patients is a relatively straightforward procedure. The procedure is performed by Dr. Debra Johnson, a talented cosmetic surgeon that is trusted to provide natural-looking breast augmentation for MTF transgender patients. Surgery is performed on an outpatient basis, under local anesthesia with sedation or general anesthesia. The implants can be either silicone- or saline-filled. Usually, due to the fact that transgender women have relatively little breast tissue, silicone implants tend to feel more natural. Saline implants can be more “feel-able”. Incisions can be along the bottom of the areola, in the bottom fold-line of the breast, or in the armpit.

If the patient needs a fairly large implant to fit her anatomy, then the inframammary fold incision may be required, as the other incisions sometimes can’t accommodate a bigger silicone implant. Surgery usually takes about two hours, and recuperation is about one week. It takes about two months for the implants to settle completely. Scars require 4-6 months to fade as much as they will.

Female-To-Male Breast Reduction

Female-to-male or FTM transgender breast reduction is performed when the breast size is too large for an FTM transgender patient. Many transgender men wear breast corsets to camouflage the breast size. Surgical reduction of the breast tissue allows for more liberal clothing choices, but does also often involve scars on the skin. If the breasts are relatively small, liposuction alone may sometimes be effective. However, there is usually some firm, sub-areolar breast tissue that remains that must be surgically excised. This can be accomplished with either a peri-areolar or inframammary fold line incision. If the areolar diameter is too large, its dimension can be reduced. This results in a scar around the circumference of the areola. If the entire breast skin envelope is large, then skin reduction surgery may also be necessary. This results in larger areas of scarring. Sometimes these scars are fairly innocuous, but in others they remain more visible. Sometimes chest hair can camouflage the scarring adequately so that going shirtless is not uncomfortable. We will need to carefully evaluate your particular anatomy to determine what kind of reduction/scarring is necessary to achieve your goals.

More and more health plans are covering the breast surgery needed by transgender patients. You should consult with your health plan regarding coverage for any desired procedures.

Transgender Breast Augmentation FAQs

What are my breast augmentation choices?

As a trusted Sacramento plastic surgeon, Dr. Debra Johnson has performed a wide range of procedures for persons transitioning to their true female identity. The skill required is the same essential skill required for all plastic surgery, and the artistry of the final result is especially important. When it comes to breast augmentation, male-to-female patients want full, lifted and symmetrical breasts, with larger areoles and a natural nipple angle. For these patients, the process is similar to conventional breast augmentation surgeries. The implant will be surgically inserted under the skin, on or below the chest muscle, to add volume and create a beautiful new profile.

The silicone filler may be a cohesive gel or the newer, highly cohesive “gummy bear” variety that has a lithe, supple feel. Each filler is contained within a flexible silicone shell. These implants come in a variety of sizes and shapes, giving you many options to discuss with Dr. Johnson and visualize with practice bras, computer modeling and reviewing her many before-and-after pictures.

Does a larger implant size add complexity to the procedure?

If you choose larger implants, in addition to a larger incision you may first need a tissue expansion procedure that will stretch your skin to accommodate the implants. This is true even though everyone is born with some breast tissue. Based on implant size, skin grafting may be necessary to ensure the implants have sufficient room.

Will there be scarring?

All breast augmentation requires the surgeon to make incisions, so some scarring is inevitable. Newer techniques may help minimize permanent marks, however. For example, some types of saline implants can actually be filled after the shell has been surgically inserted. By placing the unfilled shell under the skin, a smaller incision can be made, resulting in less scarring. More extensive conventional procedures will use an incision under the breast or around the nipple. For any scars that do appear as incisions heal, you will notice significant fading in less than a year.

What is recovery like?

Transgender breast augmentation is major surgery, and that means your body will need time and space to fully recover. During the first two days of your recovery, you will experience significant swelling. It will actually take several months for all of the swelling to disappear. You can also expect to feel pain and soreness, especially if your implant has been inserted beneath chest muscles.

When you arrive home from your outpatient procedure, you will be wearing a surgical bra to provide firm support as your tender breasts heal. You may also need tubes to drain blood or other fluids that may pool at the site of incisions. After a week, the tubes will be removed and you will wear a less restrictive support bra. Although you will probably feel well enough to return to work or school at this point, you will need to avoid any physical activity that can put stress on your chest muscles, and should continue to sleep on your back.

Learn More about Transgender Breast Surgery Sacramento

If you are interested in undergoing an FTM breast reduction or an MTF breast augmentation procedure, schedule a consultation with Dr. Debra Johnson. Dr. Johnson is renowned for the natural results that she can provide for her transgender breast surgery patients.

To view transgender breast implant before and after photos or transgender breast reduction before and after photos from Dr. Johnson’s previous patients, visit our photo gallery.

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