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Breast Revision

Breast revision surgery in SacramentoBeyond increasing bust size, breast augmentation is intended to boost a woman’s confidence, which is why it can be so discouraging when the results of this procedure are less than stellar. For patients who are underwhelmed with the work performed by another surgeon, Dr. Debra J. Johnson offers breast revision to give patients a second chance at achieving the breasts they were hoping for from their first surgery.

Breast revision involves making a concealed incision to remove the existing breast implants and then replacing them with new implants that are more to the liking of the patient. The specific approach can differ from procedure to procedure depending on the type of implants the patient has and the techniques used in the original surgery, so Dr. Johnson will create a unique surgical plan that will best address the issues that need resolving.


There are a variety of reasons a woman may choose to re-do her breast augmentation procedure. Women who want to accomplish any of the following changes are typically good candidates for breast revision surgery:

  • Changing the size, shape or texture of implants
  • Shifting the implants to a more natural and appealing position
  • Correcting asymmetry
  • Removing excess scar tissue from the breast
  • Addressing pain or aesthetic problems caused by capsular contracture (abnormal hardening of scar tissue surrounding the implant)
  • Extracting and replacing a leaking or deflated implant

During your consultation, Dr. Johnson will listen to your concerns about your existing breast augmentation and provide an honest assessment about the types of changes she can achieve with revision surgery. If you wish, Dr. Johnson can also perform breast revision in conjunction with breast lift surgery to give your breasts a more youthful appearance.


Breast revision surgery in SacramentoWomen who undergo breast revision should expect a timeline similar to that of their original breast augmentation procedure. Expect to rest and wear a compression garment for the first week, taking pain medication as necessary. Many women say they experience less pain the second time around, largely due to not having to create cavities in the breast to hold the new implants.

Most patients are well enough to return to work 10 to 14 days after their surgeries. Do not engage in strenuous exercise that puts strain on the body and your healing incisions for the first month or so. However, some moderate activity can get your blood flowing and accelerate the healing process, so consider going for brief walks once you feel up to it.

Because breast tissue is especially sensitive, swelling from breast revision can last upwards of six months. Accordingly, your breasts may not look or feel entirely “normal” until the swelling has completely subsided.

Choose Dr. Johnson for Your Breast Revision

As most patients who seek breast revision are already aware, selecting an experienced plastic surgeon is a key component to achieving great results. A well-executed breast revision requires a surgeon with advanced technique. Dr. Johnson will skillfully use the original incision lines for revision surgery to avoid creating new scars while creating the look you want.

To schedule a consultation with Dr. Johnson to discuss revising your implants at her office in Sacramento, please call (916) 664-3391.

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