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Cosmetic Breast Surgery Procedures in Sacramento

Breast Explant

When women choose removal of implants, the procedure is known as breast explant surgery. It is more complicated than the original placement, as scar tissue forms after all surgical procedures.

After breast augmentation, some patients are disappointed with the appearance of their newly enhanced breasts, or the way they feel. For others, the decision to remove implants is performed for medically-necessary reasons. Other times implants have moved from their original position, ruptured and even damaged surrounding tissue.

When breast implants are removed, there are several options available to improve the final result. For some women, replacement of the old implants with new ones is an option. For women who prefer removal without replacement, a breast lift can improve the shape of the breast by removing the excess skin and repositioning the nipple. And for others, fat transfer might be an option to replace some of the volume of the removed implant.

Breast Implants & Augmentation

Breast augmentation is consistently a top plastic surgery choice for American women. The popularity of the procedure is based not only on its ability to provide pleasing results, but also on the technological advances that continue to make the process safer, more convenient and less invasive than ever before.

Today’s breast augmentation patient benefits from an expanding array of choices in implants. The various “profiles” allow a patient to choose from a wider range of sizes that will fit her anatomy. Implants can be filled with saline, traditional silicone or newer super highly cohesive silicone (gummy bear).

Breast Lift Surgery

Breast lift, also called mastopexy, restores a youthful, perky look to breasts that began to sag and lose firmness after pregnancy, weight fluctuation or simply the passage of time.

The procedure removes the excess skin and repositions the nipple to restore a youthful profile. Breast lift can also improve symmetry in size, shape, and nipple position in women whose breasts look quite different from each other.

Breast Reduction

Large breasts are not the goal of every breast procedure patient. Many women with small frames and disproportionately sized breasts may experience a range of effects, including poor posture and pain, typically affecting the back and neck. Other consequences include shyness or embarrassment in social situations and the inability to participate in some sports.

This surgical solution not only reduces size, but also adjusts symmetry, the appearance of the areola and the projection of the nipple. Dr. Johnson puts a special emphasis on your overall upper body profile, creating a natural, elegant shape.

Transgender Breast Surgery

In following the arc of your gender identity, there are many choices to make along the way. Complete physical transformation is the ultimate destination for many, and Dr. Johnson is a trusted choice for performing gender-affirming breast surgery.

For patients transitioning to female, full breasts with natural symmetry, shape and projection are the goal. Patients transitioning to male seek to reshape feminine contours into the tighter, flatter angles of a masculine profile. In each case, Dr. Johnson is dedicated to meeting your expectations, celebrating your choices — and achieving your dream.

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