Can the Results of Breast Augmentation Look Subtle and Natural?

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Breast augmentation in SacramentoOne of the long-standing misconceptions about breast implants is that they always look oversized and fake. In reality, breast augmentation is customizable and can be tailored to your goals and expectations. Sacramento breast surgeon Dr. Debra J. Johnson always prefers to create very natural-looking outcomes.

A Little Goes a Long Way

The overly augmented, “larger than life” look once made popular by celebrities such as Carmen Electra and Pamela Anderson has fallen out of favor. Although breast augmentation patients have more implant options than ever before, many women are choosing modest implants to boost their breast size by a cup size or two.

Smaller implants look natural and can feel more comfortable than oversized, heavier implants. If you select a modest pair of implants, you can still enjoy your favorite high-intensity Peloton classes without pain, and wear low-cut shirts without feeling self-conscious.

Dr. Johnson’s specialty is helping you pick out the implant size that looks proportional and balanced to your body type. She can also make suggestions regarding incision location and implant placement, which will affect your final result.

Gentle Curves and Slopes

Many of Dr. Johnson’s breast augmentation patients describe wanting gentle curves and natural-looking slopes without harsh edges. Dr. Johnson prefers to place implants under the pectoral muscle, as this results in very attractive cleavage and reduces the risk of capsular contracture (a breast implant surgery complication where your body’s naturally-formed scar around the implant shrinks, causing the implant to become balled up and firm). The muscle offers more tissue thickness  to cover your implants and conceal the edges for a soft, natural looking result.

Scars Kept to a Minimum

Scarring is an inevitable part of any plastic surgery procedure. The visibility of breast implant scars varies by patient and surgical technique used. Dr. Johnson always does her best to conceal the incisions in the creases and transitions of the breast skin for minimal scarring.

The doctor will also recommend steps you should take during your recovery to help your incisions heal nicely and your scars flatten and fade. For instance, postoperative taping, refraining from smoking and protecting your incisions from the sun will result in the least amount of scarring.

Consult Our Sacramento Breast Implant Surgeon

With so many factors influencing your breast augmentation results, it is critical to work with a qualified plastic surgeon who has plenty of experience. Dr. Johnson is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, and has worked with breast augmentation patients for over 30 years. Please contact our office today to request a consultation with her.